Comment: Remember the story about the guy who was drowning?

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Remember the story about the guy who was drowning?

This post is for go213mph. I absolutely LOVE almost ALL of everything you write here. But, on this topic, as you write here, I disagree.

Think about the guy who was drowning...He prayed for a boat to be saved. A life preserver floated by, he let it go on by. A piece of driftwood floated by, he let it go. So, he drowned. He asked the Lord, "Why didn't you save me?"

The Lord said, and I'm paraphrasing, "You dumbass! I sent you a life preserver and a piece of driftwood! What was your freaking problem?"

We, the people need to be smart.

Its ok for those that seek to find the "peace that passes all understanding" in Christ. To billions, that inner peace is all consuming and there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with that and we, those that ridicule this "attitude", need to get over it and worry about what gives us peace.

As for Rick Sanitorum, he can go suck a big brown goose's ass for all I care. I don't equate someone who tries to live a life of virtue with that pos and you shouldn't either.

Someone who is as strikingly opposed to "religion" as you seem to be have much bigger fish to fry in your own lives than throwing stones at people who seek to find peace by whatever means they can.

We should always remember, people EVERYDAY are in varying stages of "waking up". Maybe this is the first time they've heard of 18' skeletons as described in the bible. Remember your first day of waking up to something? Give people a break, will ya'?

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