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Comment: theorizing here, in a world

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theorizing here, in a world

theorizing here, in a world where this may be the truth, i just had a thought

What if the declaration of war is the solution chosen to COVER UP the rebels role in the chemical attack, i mean, if there is one obvious subject if i were to think about it, that was being well avoided in msm, in the aftermath of the syrian chemical attack, is, the possible involvement of the rebels in the attack
What makes me see this?, because of the contrast i see between the amount of times the assad possibility is mentioned, and the other group in the neighbourhood, who seems to be in the act of a civil war, (nothing against a just and trully needed civil war), dont you think this should be obvious, even to msm, it is, an obvious, obvious being majorly ignored, not even possibilities, contemplations, and more importantly, and i suspect the goal, avoidance of talk to reaction to possible rebel supported involvement, or, some might argue, us involvement, an obvious though i believe even in the sub conciense.......which leads to the question, are our leaders really that dumb, or are they keeping something from us, that involves WAR, lives lost, and destruction, should they have the right to keep information from us when these things are involved, when OUR lives, as human beings, is involved

My one voice says, FUK NO!