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Syrian Mother speaks the truth

Several years ago, before Syria was on most peoples' radar, I wrote about an amazing family I met in California. He was a missionary to Muslims in this country sent by a Christian organization in Syria. He did not strive to convert anyone...he simply gave out the new Testament free in several Arab languages, answered questions if asked and told his story. I have never met a more gentle sincere person.

He told me that although many here would not believe it, Syrians of all religions liked Assad because they lived in relative peace' were united in desiring to preserve their historical places of spiritual significance and shared pride in their shared culture and history. No, he did not say Assad was perfect or revered...just preferred. He acknowledged that there were some Muslim sects with radical ideas and hatred of each other, but said that Assad had managed to keep them at bay...maintain peace. And, yet, he said there were outside sources attempting to fire the fuel of the longtime feuds while building a resistance to Assad through misinformation and deliberate untruths. His "single" attempt as a Christian to make a difference was to come to this country and try to keep the truth alive here while ministering to Muslim speaking people and answer questions, if asked, as he was afraid his country and Christians in the Middle East would soon need the support of Christians here and non-Christians here would need voices from the Middle East of truth.

First meeting was about four years ago at a street fair where he set up a booth each Thursday. As time went on Syria began to be on everyones' radar. His stories of families and friends in Syria became more and more heartbreaking. At that time, I was on a DP crusade on behalf of my Syrian friends and posted often what I learned from him week after week. He told me the plight of family after family that he knew and loved personally. He talked to friends weekly and asked me to pray for them. Whenever, I would allude to our part in this inhuman travesty, he would stop me and say, "No, don't blame those who do not understand...God is good...there will be peace someday. Just pray for the mothers and little ones."

One day at the same street fair I went to an "Ask the Rabbi" booth naively and asked the Rabbi if he was a zionist He just about bit my head off and said, "And, why wouldn't I be" and went on to say that without Israel
the Arabs would still be wandering around the desert like cockroaches." Never mind the place often called the birthplace of civilization. Never mind a lot of things not on his radar. Did he speak for all Jews? Of course not!

I could and once did share many things about this wonderful family on the DP. However, suffice it to say that this mother who wrote the letter is absolutely telling the truth and of course, those who could get their children to safety did so. I am glad she is safely in Europe, but she writes with such passion out of love for her country and all those left behind who are suffering and dying.

Anyone who would post on this thread that this lady is a tool or does not understand the situation in her own country, is knowingly or unknowingly working against humanity. My heart is very sad for Syria and for anyone on this thread who would USE this thread for self-serving purposes. How could you react with anything but could you use this thread to propagate politics.

Stay out of Syria USA...but human beings, pray for the innocent people, Christian, Muslim and Jewish...pray for the historical holy ground they are dying on...pray for compassion and sanity.