Comment: The video is not a position of defense

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The video is not a position of defense

it's just explaining the international secular laws that exist, how and why they work.

I have been studying the faith my athesist parents had me for some reason, no one knows, baptized. I have learned a lot as a Catholic, and still have more to learn, but God moved me to come to KNOW Israel, and so I am.. and while this may not be the path the Catholics and Christians are on, though it seems many are, my interest in Israel from a tourist perspective, would enjoy doing many tours and bringing the Bible to life .. indulge my senses while I still have them.

I respect your truth to be your truth and not my truth. If your truth works for you, this is good. My truth works for me, and while you may judge that differently, you are not my Judge, I trust Jesus will be and am prepared for my Judgement praying for Mercy and Grace.

Mia Culpa..