Comment: Rep. Woodall's position - at least he gets it on this issue

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Rep. Woodall's position - at least he gets it on this issue

My representative, Rob Woodall from Georgia's 7th congressional district, sent this out today in his e-newsletter:

Our Founding Fathers were wise, and they knew the terror of war. That is why they placed the power to go to war with the Congress, so that the American people -- the ones who do the fighting -- could have their voices heard. I respect the President's authority as our Commander-in-Chief, and I know how difficult the decision to use our Armed Forces is for any president. That is why, when possible, the President should always seek the support of Congress. The collective wisdom of the American people informs Congress and Congress informs the President. That is why I joined a group of my colleagues last week in writing to President Obama and urging him to seek Congressional authorization before taking action against Syria. I am pleased that the President has now agreed to follow that advice.

With the facts that I know today, I do not support an attack on Syria. I returned to Washington to attend the classified briefings and read the Intelligence Community's justifications for military action. While I have no doubt that President Assad has committed crimes against his people, I have grave doubts that America's unilateral "limited involvement," as the President describes it, in Syria's civil war will bring justice to anyone. A threat to America requires an American response. A violation of international rules of warfare requires an international response. I intend to watch the Arab League, the European Union, and the United Nations for their response, but I cannot support the broad granting of unilateral power that the President has asked for in his Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF).