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This has been in the making my entire life.. drip by drip, left by right, drop by drop, day by night, election after selection, neo- anti-pro-con anagram soup and a healthy does of paranoia, treaty by false flag, Deocratic, Republican, censorship, brutality, NWO here we come.. Obama was going to be CHANGE.. I guess he is.

There is a duopoly, and it's fat on corporate perks, and state government games, where the best crook wins, thanks to MSM covering the real story and entertaining us with conspiracy to make us wonder.. more than know.

Ron Paul gave all of us an opportunity to take the GOP.. people don't see the GOP as a tool to work, but a tool to hurt them, so they want nothing to do with it.. it's like learning how to use a knife.. if you don't know knife skills you may get hurt (and even if you do know you can misjudge and cut yourself).. politics as all about not cutting yourself... Liberty Movement could have been created by Karl Rove for all I know, how well it worked defeating Ron paul by voting for another Republican because he put in a Libertarian button... you can be on the cutting edge and carve away the corruption to deliver liberty, or wait for someone slse to do it for you and blame the Jews if no one saves you.