Comment: My Call to Rep. Scott Peters (CA-52)

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My Call to Rep. Scott Peters (CA-52)

Hello, my name is "Slaughts31" and as one of your constituents in La Jolla, I am calling to ask you to give NO AUTHORIZATION for the President's proposed military intervention in Syria.

While I agree with your Aug. 31st press statement that indicates the use of chemical weapons is reprehensible, it is not clear, however, which side used these weapons. The UN report has not yet been published and some reports indicate we will be supporting Al-Qaeda by supporting the rebels. Other reports indicate the rebels deployed the chemical weapons themselves. Further, unilateral military action without UN support is illegal and against the will of the American people. A US military strike will likely lead to a prolonged conflict with little benefit to the US or Syrian people. US intelligence falsely indicated that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. I hope you will consider this issue very carefully, and I look forward to following your future action on this critical issue.

Thank you.

Rep. Scott Peters (CA-52)
858-455-5550 (San Diego)
202-225-0508 (DC)