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The stupid is contagious

Murray did not say anything about 'if it's likely' or 'can torture'

He said quote:

In short, in all cases, police must be treated in precisely the same way as anyone else

Surely this isn't that complicated?

What about 'police must be treated in precisely the same way as any one else' allows you to possibly think think that means 'police can torture someone' but 'The common citizen cannot do that'.

I feel like I'm arguing with an old computer program from the 70's that spits our random words as sentences.

There are cases to be made against Rothbard but this isn't one I would hand my hat on.

Boiled down all he's positively asserting here is that the determination of right or wrong in this (and in fact any) situation is the exact same for anyone regardless of guns or badges.

I don't disagree.

And I'm surprised anyone but the BILL3's would disagree.