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Comment: Yeah they do it all the time

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Yeah they do it all the time

And they may do it this time.

That doesn't mean it's right or that we shouldn't try to stop it.

Freedom is worth a lot, that's why I don't support violating anyone's freedom, as you do.

Even if I believed FSA are angels and could win, I still would not condone stealing someone else's money to pay someone else to kill someone else.

That's multiple and massive violations of freedom of everyone in the US who is forced to pay.

Much as I hate theft for welfare, if my money is going to be stolen anyway I prefer it not to be to kill people in my name.

The fact that people do it all the time really doesn't matter. People rape, kill, steal all the time. Most of them wear suits and get voted into office.

That doesn't mean I should support it.

You could be right about the FSA. It still doesn't make bombing people right. As a practical matter if the FSA really could win and were good guys this is what commandos like SF and SEALS are supposed to be for. To help insurgents.

If we stopped using them to assassinate people (or fake assassinations) maybe we could use them for something less evil, like helping the FSA.

I feel for the Syrian people. Sadly due to our blundering the Syrian people have been forced to cleave to a dictator as the better choice.