Comment: The New World Order is plaing "both sides" to start WW3 & NWO

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The New World Order is plaing "both sides" to start WW3 & NWO

My opinion is that this entire scenario being played out between East & West is exactly what the NWO designed. "Both sides", "East vs. West", is really just an illusion put forth by the NWO to start WW3 as a means to an end. The end being Global Government, aka the NWO. They control "both sides" at the top.

There is more going on here than just countries fighting countries over who controls currency and oil. There are the globalists, and they are GLOBAL! They are in China & Russia too, and they meet with Obama & Hillary Clinton & at the UN, Bilderberg, etc., and have made their plans.

Remember when Obama met with Medyedev, and Obama whispered to him about how he would have more leeway after the rigged election, and to relay that message to Vladimir Putin? Remember when Obama met with Chinese President in Santa Monica, the same day as that shooting rampage? Before that Obama sent 70% of bailed-out GM to China, and now China is buying up Detroit. These guys have been plotting together for years. This is their big plan. Institute global government via the threat of WW3 and "the bomb".

The globalists are transitioning from a "Free-Society" model of enslaving the people, by keeping happy slaves, back to a system that allows for greater control.

The illusion of 'freedom' kept the people complacent, but the problem is the Elites have to keep up that illusion. And as freedom spreads, even a small amount of it, people get smarter, and it gets harder to cast illusions. We've reached the tipping point. The jig is up. Authoritarian Collectivism, total control, is the final solution for the global elite.

They now have pharmaceuticals to keep us asleep, mass mind control techniques and technologies to brainwash us, & will soon have robots to do their work for them. They don't need a "Free" society to keep their slaves complacent anymore. They can return to ruling with absolute power.

China, with Russia as her main ally will be passed the torch and the USA is being scrapped and sold for parts. US wealth is being transferred to China. The global elite are down with this. Obama is down with this. China & Russia can lead a global totalitarian state, with their histories and traditions. America, meaning the American people, would never enforce the NWO, knowingly. So our government is selling us down the road, without our consent. This is happening right now.

The goal here for the elite is to start WWIII. Population control. Too many slaves to manage. They'll have efficient robots soon. They can completely control a smaller population easily. WWIII is used to shrink the population and bring forth global government. The NWO nightmare is a real possibility.

Alex Jones agrees:


Israel is not the real bad guy here, the NWO is. They have factions in all major nations including Israel, but are not allies to the peoples of any nation.

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