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The one on that facebook page?

They say it's a reconstruction, so the question is whether it's a reconstruction of something real or of something out of someone's imagination.

They say the giant would be 25 feet tall. Mass increases with the cube of the height. ( So if we compare this to a human who is 6' tall, a giant who is about four times taller will have something on the order of 64 times as much mass (4 cubed) to carry. The body is four times taller, but also four times wider and four times thicker. If the bone is four times larger, it's cross-section is about 16 times larger, but the leg bones have to support 64 times as much weight.

That doesn't prove that humans that 25' tall humans can't exist, just that their skeletons wouldn't just look like normal human skeletons magnified by a factor of four. The bones wouldn't hold the weight, and allow the creature to walk.

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