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This is the best approach

Be up front when someone knocks on your door. If you have no way of seeing who's there (no window or peep hole) always ask who it is first.

If they say it is the police or you can see that it is, go to the nearest window. Keep you hands visible and talking loud enough through the window (or closed door if no window) state that YOU DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR FOR POLICE. It's better to just be strait forward about it and not dance around the issue. They are public servants, they wont be offended. And if they are, who cares.

Then inform them that if they cannot hear you well enough to communicate through the window (or door) tell them to have their dispatch call you on your phone so you can communicate that way. Repeat that for your own safety, you do not open the door for police if they insist on asking you to.

Like Felony says above, if they have a warrant, they will enter with or without you opening the door. Police are notorious for their policy of "knock and talk" Former DEA agents say this is one of their most successful ways to search your home. They knock, get you to open your door and talk, claim they smell marijuana (even if there is none) and then gain access to search your home. Follow this outline and NEVER OPEN THE DOOR FOR POLICE. Make it your personal home policy.