Comment: Oppose the war - don't give reasons

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Oppose the war - don't give reasons

Politicians and media franchises solicit your opinions and call it participatory democracy and transparent government, but when you give reasons for not supporting their war you've just helped to script their latest talking points.

Your emails and phone calls to congressmen or the white house will be stronger if you simply state your unconditional opposition to any involvement in Syria's civil war because any and all reasons for objecting will be overcome.

You believe the US is bankrupt and cannot afford another war? Not to worry, the Arab states have offered to pay for US military led regime change in Syria.

You don't believe the US fedgov is trustworthy? Not a problem, other authorities or sources will be cited.

You say there is no sense in US armed forces dying for unknown reasons? No US "boots on the ground".

Every possible reason you can give for opposing the war has been carefully rebutted and endlessly repeated by the lap-dog press. The war is going to happen, fundamentally not because of any given reasons or rational - those are all just concocted to answer your objections - but JUST BECAUSE THEY WANT IT TO HAPPEN. It's no more complicated than that.

The only defensible opposing position is simply to say NO, just because NO. Not ever ... NO!