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more babble

nothing you say makes any sense. Not even your approach to the issue makes sense.

A smart person would realize that law is not the study of physics. It is not a field where the concepts are so rarified and difficult to understand that only a few can understand them. You've built up this idea that you and Mr. Spooner are the only ones who understand the law. Instead, you're just a couple of idiots fantasizing about stuff that has no application in the real world.

A smart person who is not insane would also realize the best way to learn about a topic is to get instruction. guided learning is very important in this subject. You, sitting in your basement (or loft, whatever it is) reading random crap and trying to come up with common threads between the declaration of independence, the law of agency, and some whackjob websites is not learning the law, or studying the law. It may or may not be an effective cure for boredom.

But sorry, you get no Nobel prize for your legal scholarship, or your hairbrained ideas that one has to have a "cause of action" to be a criminal defendant, or that the "common law procedures" (which you claim to be the only one who knows) explain all of your illogical ramblings.

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe."-- Albert Einstein