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The only other possibility

Is that they plan to permanently bypass the Constitution, and perhaps declare martial law. If they were to do that, they had better do it now.

Because the Neo-Con position is becoming extremely unpopular to the general populace, and it is getting worse not better.

Their window of opportunity is closing. If they are very smart they may realize this and go for the whole enchilada. I doubt they are that smart to be honest.

I'm curious to know who it is within the military establishment who originally came up with the 'seven countries in five years' plan.

All the Bush neo-cons are out of power.

I know for sure it's not the Joint Chiefs, they are all against action vs. Syria. Which means the military brass in the Air Force, Navy, Army are all against an action vs. Syria as well.

This leaves only the Pentagon, DoD, military intelligence (doubtful) and the CIA.

Did I miss anyone? What do you think Micah?