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Do Not,

I'll repeat it, Do Not trust the Zionists! They are really playing the games of misdirections, and their goal is to wipe out all the Muslims in the End, to create the 'Greater Israel', mind controlled hoax. I heard Marc Levin come out and talk agains AIPAC, and said Syria is no threat to Israel, and if they become a threat then we will go to war. Michael Schueur, an American-first Jew, warned that the Israel-firsters will play games to get to war with Iran. Levin and Beckstein's job is to draw the masses who are wandering off the reservation by playing like they are the Founder's prophets and act like they are Constitutionalists. However, if you are attentive to what they say, the always slip up and show their true colors. Both, are masters at 'bait and switch', so beware. If you don't think this is a Jewish plan, look at who is backing Obama, none other than Shelden Adelson.