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I researched a few things about Code Pink.

You are correct. I support Code Pink. They also went to Pakistan to protest Drone strike attacks.

Presidenterrorst Warbama killed these children:

View that photo album. I believe Code Pink leadership, probably most of their supporters too, are good people.

There was a DailyPaul user recently, I forget his name, I think it is Bill, who thought the US government murdered his daughter. Possible? Sure. But what was officially blamed as her cause of death is a known medical condition, although rare. That same DailyPaul user tried to say CodePink, for their anti-war sarcasm, were somehow evil. That same DailyPaul user has a YouTube channel where he reposted the "Alien shape shifting Warbama secret service agent disinfo" vid as though it was in any way credible.

Code Pink: Sarcasm to show the idiocy of war:

Code Pink: Something all liberty and freedom lovers should enjoy: