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Unleashing his mind ...

Cyril, I think that is what is happening to a LOT of people in 'government' or formerly so.

Their minds were trying to change the system from within and not 'disrupt' the respect the government should deserve.

A lot of them, PCR possibly included, 'bent' the rules for the 'greater good'.

PCR started calling out the hubris of 'W' during his last term. I know you are certainly aware of all of that, so this is not in disagreement. But rather to clarify.

He SEES total TYRANNY going on UNABATED DESTROYING EVERYTHING THAT IS GOOD IN IT'S PATH, and he is now putting it into words for the every day person to understand. He's been cordial to the point he can no longer stand the idiocracy of what America has become because of the brainwashing. I admire his patience, and think it only adds credibility to his message today, and that of your statement.