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So you'd rather alienate all non-Christians and water down the movement? OK. If we're going to be an exclusionary club, let's settle this one once and for all. Which one are we backing here? Since we're only allowing Christians on this site now. What kind of Christian are you?

Methodist? Lutheran? Presbyterian? Baptist? Catholic? Mennonite? Mormon?

Pick one. One of them has to be right? Which one of these are we going to give the OFFICIAL seal of approval as THE Christian denomination of the liberty movement and the Daily Paul?

I don't want to piss off God and get the wrong one, so if we're going to take the "my way or the highway" attitude toward religion on this site, I really want us to be clear and narrow this down. But, if we're doing this, let's pick one and stick with it, because they're not all the same (and I don't want to wear magic underwear unless I really, really have to). And, I want to make sure everyone is on the same page when we look at the same translation of our bibles and quote scripture here instead of talking about politics.

What's that, oh I'm sorry did you say anything besides Baptist? Because by your logic, since Ron Paul is a currently a Baptist, we should all be Baptists now or we're not truly supporters in this liberty movement. For those of you that just converted, congratulations! Your first order of business is denounce the Westboro Baptist Church because we all really know they're not actually Baptists, right? I mean, they're just Baptists by name only, right? Seriously, they couldn't be that evil and still get into heaven, right?


I appreciate you wanting to do good by God, but you're alienating people in the process. Some of us happen to believe religion isn't the solution to our problems, but rather the cause.

Thought we shouldn't go into Syria? How 'bout now?

Look at all those muslims just waiting to be taught the power of Jesus Christ by looking down the barrel of a gun. We sure do seem to be spending a lot of time over there lately... killing people. All for that little bit of blue in the midst of all that green. In Christ's name we prey.