Comment: Did you guys catch what the

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Did you guys catch what the

Did you guys catch what the pastor said?

Commander. In chief.

Does anyone know how this description about the president came about -- when, why, how, who gave it?

I understand what this description conveys, that the president can override the military general in broad commands such as sending in or withdrawing troops. Maybe he can even delve past such commands into details, I don't know. But from what history has shown, I think, is that when this phrase is said it always is said in offense, not in defense. Sad, very sad.

And so sad a pastor -- a pastor, a man who's supposed to be committed to upholding life -- said that phrase as if it was automatic, having it roll right off his tongue.

Said the pastor: "I can't imagine our (read: my) commander (read: master)...asking to [be offensive] if it weren't going to be effective."

Effective. In what way or ways?

What a slave.

School's fine. Just don't let it get in the way of thinking. -Me

Study nature, not books. -Walton Forest Dutton, MD, in his 1916 book whose subject is origin (therefore what all healing methods involve and count on), simple and powerful.