Comment: Of course... Why stop with

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Of course... Why stop with

Of course... Why stop with the exceptions and ambiguities created by the War Powers Resolution for cases involving "imminent" attack? Apparently, Syria is considered the 51st state of the union by the Obama administration. Why?

Let's make the decision simple and constitutional.

Did Syria attack one of the 50 states of the union or even an American asset in a far flung part of its global empire?

Answer: No

Solution: No congressional authorization granted under the US Constitution and no executive RESPONSE. Apparently, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee just wasted the taxpayers' money in vain ... again. Why is the US Congress INITIATING hostilities since it's constitutionally restricted to DECLARING hostilities, i.e. a RESPONSE to an obvious attack or one in progress.

FDR would have loved "serving" as POTUS today. His administration wouldn't even need to place an oil embargo on Japan to incite them to attack the USA in order to draw us into a war in RESPONSE. Hell, FDR could just walk over to the US Capitol building and insist that the US Senate INITIATE and mindlessly approve the rules of war against Japan or any nation ... like Syria for instance. Geez

The US Congress is a reckless bunch of myopic, self-centered, and pompous goons that relish parading their idiocy around the halls of the US Capitol.