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Gilligan's AlieNation

"So you'd rather alienate all non-Christians..."

Rather than what?

"all non-Christians"? How about just speaking for yourself. I've had no intent to alienate non-Christians. I also get no impression whatsoever that holbrook intended to alienate any non-Christians. I've run across many Christians on this sight. I've run across many non-Christians on this sight. You have no basis to assume that all non-Christians are alienated here or find the OP's quote divisive, offensive, or disrespectful to non-Christians in any way, other than yourself and possibly one or two more that have posted on this page.

I'm personally not religious, and I am unable to choose from your list as I am not affiliated in any way with anything that might be called a denomination of Christianity or any other religion. In fact, I am so extremely non-religious that I see people like you as being rather religious in your "non-religiousness". I am at a loss to comprehend your "Pick one. One of them has to be right?". Right about what? I just don't get it.

You seem to have put much effort into feeling offended or alienated or whatever about a simple mundane yet clever quote that just so happens to be written in someone's religious book. Poke around, it won't take you long to find a similar quote in a "non-religious" book of wise quotes.

Being non-religious myself has never excluded me from being loving and tolerant of others, and I personally find it just as easy for me to love and tolerate religious people as I do non-religious. Two of my best friends seem quite different, but I love and tolerate both equally. One is an avid Christian who knows his bible cover to cover and attends an evangelical charismatic church. The other is an avid Trekkie who knows fluent Klingon and attends Star Trek meet-ups. I have never asked nor would I ever dream of asking my evangelical charismatic friend to not quote the Bible in my presence. I actually have fun with his quotes for it often stimulates heated discussion, especially when I make it real and ask him how it effects his behavior in real life. My Trekkie friend? Well, I think I watched every episode as a kid without even trying [Gilligan's Island too :D], and he helps me remember the good ones.

I also have Buddhist friends. I have never been or felt alienated by them either. I easily discuss with them one of my favorite authors who happens to be Buddist, Thich Nhat Hanh. I also discuss his writings with my non-religious friends and my Christian friends. I smile when I tell my Christian friends that Thich Nhat was once nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by Martin Luther King, Junior.

The only time I've felt alienated is when I've chosen to feel that way.

Misery loves company. -[a wise quote from somewhere, I forget if it's written in someone's "bible" or if it was perhaps the theme of some Star Trek episode]

All I see in your comments is an active attempt to alienate Christians from the Liberty Movement, or censor them, or infringe their liberty to express themselves freely.

Of course you are free to ask Ron Paul to stop quoting his bible, lest he diminish the Liberty Movement.