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First of all, tax payer money is mispent in many ways, and when they go to buying a dictator palaces and parties on yaughts and private jets, rather than help people, tax payers rightly so don't apprecaite it.

Whatever our government was, it's not.. during Kerry's talks about Syria and in question, he has admitted money goes to "corporates doing business as counties". So there is a conflict of intrest between the tax payer and the ability of the house to take money from the tax payer.

There are some message, I think are so ingrained, I take it for granted that I understand this, because it's become a wall.. people hit that wall and they are stuck there.. being stuck there isn't going to fix it.

It is very difficult to fix something when all you can see is what's broken. Or how do you fix something.. so many here say they don't need leaders.. but recognoze that leaders have leaders.. Obama is a puppet// he has a leader, and it should be us, but it's not.

So, yes, we get products from Israel.. the right to bid on patents, which ususally the corporations are bidding and we the people never even know about them until years later.. things we take for granted, these MIC buy the patents and then try to sell it to the US for defense, and then they need to be certified in action, and why we have endless wars.

How do we change this? This is why I point out Israel, how they operate their government, the people have the opportunity and security to thrive.. even surrpinded by hostile enemies. They are a state that protects the state, not as global police, but as producers.

Just studying what businesses were in Israel, I was blown away by the job offers, great paying jobs and plenty of volunteer opprtunities, very business orientated, so people have freedom to do business, unlike here where we are very ristrcited and competitng with corporations.

If we were like Israel, countries would be investing in US.. and we wouldn't be the global police or spending tax money for private palaces and yaughts of dictators.