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Not so

I've lived in many many states across the country. The general theme OUTSIDE of California has been if you're waving a multicolor sign with a peace sign plastered all over it it never gets a second look.

People get turned off and don't even bother to give it a second look. I asked a guy I just started working with what he didn't like about the message? He said it's the same message, as soon as he saw the peace sign he never bothered to look at it further.

The same held true for the woman I worked with. I've worked at Microsoft, Oracle, and IBM. I am not making any of this up. The consensus has been the same. I could care less what the sign color is, I'm relaying from the people you are trying to target.

Yet I'm the bad guy by relaying my observations. PEOPLE DO NOT LOOK AT THE SIGNS.

You can think the media for that too. They see someone waving a multicolor sign, having a peace sign and the negative connotation is unwashed dirty hippie.

But hey if that's the message you want to relay, and the message you want to spread. So be it. I'm just relaying what is seen on the OTHER SIDE of the sign, you know the people this woman was trying to target with her message.

Unless you're targeting the hippie subculture your message isn't getting out. Enough said.