Comment: Are most weapons chemical weapons?

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Are most weapons chemical weapons?

Are not ordinary bombs a mixture of chemicals designed to burn when triggered? Gunpowder is a chemical mixture.

How is it different to kill a group of people with sarin gas than to do so indiscriminately with a cruise missile which cannot be aimed precisely and produces collateral damage (an euphemism for murder) or a nuclear bomb, or just ordinary bombs?

Killing people when it is not in self defense is murder. If governments are to kill people, they must have jurisdiction over the territory where a crime is committed and must follow legal procedures to convict and sentence the aggressor. An exception is if we are attacked by a foreign nation and Congress declares war. In Viet Nam, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, and Syria we had no jurisdiction, nor was the US attacked, nor was there an actual declaration of war. Even 911 was an attack by individuals acting independently of any government, and if any country gave them support it was Saudi Arabia, a country we suck up to because we need their oil. Those accused of 911 should have been tried, even if only in absentia, and if convicted and sentenced, only then to be captured and executed.

Bush, Obama, and those in government carrying out US aggression abroad as they have done and wish to continue are international criminals just like bin Laden was an international criminal.

This chemical weapon red line crap is just theater for Obama to justify his aggression and for him to use in his incompetent and insane stewardship of the US government.

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.