Comment: HITLER was the one who was gassed! Kerry's father was SS

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HITLER was the one who was gassed! Kerry's father was SS

HITLER was the one who was gassed! He spent weeks in a hospital after suffering a French gas attack at the end of October 1918. Some historians speculate he never unleashed Germany's stockpiles of chemical weapons during WWII because he personally suffered from gas. I doubt that. Rather, it was the opinion of the generals that gas was uncontrollable and ineffective in a combat situation and therefore useless as a weapon.

So, Kerry can go shove his Hitler reference. And let me make clear right now: the only leader in the world behaving like Adolf Hitler is Barack Hussein Obama.

For, it was on April 1, 1941, that Hitler unleashed a blitzkrieg against Jugoslavia, blasting the city of Belgrade to ruins in a single morning, just because the people of Jugoslavia had made a laughing-stock of him. Just for that!

How? Because a week before, Jugoslavia signed an alliance with Germany, but two days later the government was overthrown, and the people erupted in joy over having defied Hitler. Even though the new government pledged to honor the alliance, and the coup itself had to do with empowering the Serb-dominated army over the pro-Croatian regime, the slap to Hitler's face was heard around the world.

The astonishing result was to put back Hitler's timetable for invading the Soviet Union by two months. HAD THIS NOT HAPPENED, the Germans might have overwhelmed the Soviets before the brutal winter arrived and helped freeze the Wehrmacht in front of Moscow.

And, since Kerry raised the phantom of Adolf Hitler to scare people into murdering Syrians, let ME make a similar irresponsible claim:

John Forbes Kerry's Father was HSSPF-Lublin (Higher SS Police Chief for Lublin, Poland) responsible for roundup and deportation of Jews, Gypsies, and partisans to Treblinka. He was given protection and a new identity after the war, owing to his friends at Skull & Bones, a fraternity rife with Nazism, as George Bush Sr.'s father Prescott Bush was known to be a major financier of Adolf Hitler in the late 20s and early 30s.

Am I wrong? Someone tell me, please, as I have just convinced myself of John Forbes Kerry's insidious Nazi pedigree!!

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"