Comment: A simple I'm not original would of sufficed.

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A simple I'm not original would of sufficed.

That's OK though. It's pretty apparent that you aren't original and you like to pander to the lowest common denominator.

Keep looking like an idiot on the side of a road. Let me know how that works out for ya OUTSIDE of a website ok? ;-)

I keep bumping the thread to make a point, but you're too stupid to pick up on it.

You're pandering to a subculture not the general population. The general population (you know the ones you are trying to target) don't even bother giving you a second look or the signs. I thought the other signs were fine and even said so. They displayed an informative message as well a point concerning tyranny. It's the ones that keep coming back from the 60's that are tired, worn out and over used. No original message, no original art work, and no difference from ones that were waived over 50 years ago. So you like being compared to dirty unwashed hippie or those code pink morons who just protest for a living?

It's called targeting your audience.

Your inability to grasp that simple concept really is frightening. Please tell me you aren't this inept in real life.