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Wide awake and watching

probably the slickest propaganda campaign of the decade. And watching how many people are falling for it.
Glenn Greenwald has been set up to help bring about UN control of the Internet. Aided by Putin, and plotted for, for decades
I don't know what sites you like looking around in, so I wont post any links, but check out Laura Poitras, and her incredible good fortune of having a complete stanger, Edward Snowden Blow a Big Whistle down her computer, just at the very time she was to start filming Part 3 of a 3 part Government Spying documentary. Part 3 being about...wait for it...Whistleblowers. Coincidence? Maybe...but not likely.
Thank God she had been funded by the MacArthur Foundation, (go digging around in THAT lot),grabbed her media boy, Glenn, with his brand new Media platform
and off to Hong Kong they go.
Any flags being raised?