Comment: If I were a detective

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If I were a detective

and I was building a case against you and didn't have enough cause to secure a warrant, I might just have some street cops do a welfare check on you. Then, since you volunteered access to the home, I could ask those cops if they saw whatever I felt was relevant to the investigation. It would not be unlawful search because you gave them access.

Here is a truth: cops like to turn victims into criminals.

People who call 911 sometimes get shot for their troubles. Learn the phrase "am I being detained or am I free to go?" If you find yourself outside your apartment again in this situation, ask that question. Don't fall for their diversions, repeat until that question is answered. If detained, tell them you are not saying another word until you speak with a lawyer. If not detained, lock your apartment door and leave. I wouldn't even return inside the apartment at that point. I would walk down to 7/11 or some place where more witnesses are present. If you go back inside your apartment, the police will just say they smell marijuana or whatever other lie they use to enter your home. If they were worried about a domestic disturbance, the situation is defused when you leave anyway. Once the door is locked, they're not getting in and if you aren't there to let them in then they are faced with either getting a warrant or an unlawful entry.