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I do agree with you about personal honor
they have none,they have tricked,coerced
threatened and incarcerated people for their own fraud
the only way,i see to end this,is to bankrupt them
and seeing that monopoly money is fake,not paying it back
doesn't steal or take away ones honor
Now if you and I had a monetary agreement,I would honor that
as we both have our own honor,and our word,my word to all,is my bond
banksters can't lay claim to that,and be honest about it
And if the US congress can vote us into slavery,and to hands of crooks
I say enough is enough,let them all sink,and If i can help,I will certainly will
I could put a true story here,but this might not be the time fr it,but I could,and it would be about what them banksters did to me,and how I got
70 grand in debt,and all based on lies,bundling,and betting against those who might fall

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OH... have fun day :)