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Comment: Stop Whining to the USA for Help In Your Warmongering

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Stop Whining to the USA for Help In Your Warmongering

As an American, I am sick and tired of being abused by the leeches of the United Nations and their sympathizers in the American government. I not only want these warmongering fools in the US Congress to don combat gear and personally fight instead of using naive American kids as proxies for their warmongering, I want their sons to do so as well (fortunate son, indeed). Wouldn't it be great if the United States could provide the "moral" support to these whiny interventionist nations occupying the United Nations for once and lay the financial, personal, and technical burden of globalist interventions at THEIR feet? I'm sick of listening to state-run radio broadcasts from New Zealand and Australia constantly whining about providing "moral" support while Americans bleed to death personally and financially. Personally, I'm deeply offended at my country, the USA, being USED by these globalist leeches in the United Nations! If these globalist leeches in the United Nations want to intervene in Syria, YOU go bleed, die, and pay for your warmongering. I'll be sure to provide YOU "moral" support. I want the UN OUT of my country and my country OUT of the UN!