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What is Law?

This is the basics of what I found so far in my own research.

No law can violate any other law.

Law has a logical hierarchical order of applicability from the whole set through every entity ending with the legally defined fictional capacity with each class of law applicable to defined entities.

The hierarchy of Law

Divine Law-Source of Order-Interfaces with Man through inspiration

Natural Law- The Laws that govern all aspects of Nature- Interfaces with Man via physical sentient interactive processing with all of nature

Common Law- The default non-conflicting maxims and interpretations that govern the interactions of Men and the process of balanced justice

Organic Law- Jurisdictional interpretational traits both understood and repugnant Common Law to those that adopt and proclaim them

Constitutional Law- Contractual creation of legal capacity with binding governing law for those who wish to fill the contractual capacity adopted under the organic law understanding

Statutory Law- Law that governs the lawful procedures and operations of all capacities created under the Constitutional contract

If we realize that no law can violate any other law and that there exists an inherent hierarchy of application of law that is isolated in its scope of application to inherently defined discreet entities then we can have a foundation for reviewing all law for removing conflict in order to asymptote at total congruency. Notice the applicable law between the interactions of man exists in common law. Notice where jurisdictional traits of common law apply to interpretation of common law. Notice Constitution would be the creation of the bound capacity and resulting legislative code would apply to constitutionally created entities only. This means slimebags claiming the ability to write law all the time would be extremely limited in the scope of any application.

IMHO we need to view Law as the endless search for timeless precedent of non-conflicting truth in truly balanced justice. New common law should be as rare a discovery as Einstein's law of relativity. This way ignorance of the law doesn't mean having to read 40,000 pages of new codes a year. Law would become simple and based in the common sense of the parties presenting and hearing the facts of a case.

Just sharing what I am seeing so far in my endless journey to the truth.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...