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Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for sharing.

Well, I'm rather ignorant in the subtleties of the jargon around "law", there, but in all things human, I tend to try first the rule of thumb contained in the KISS principle... "Keep It Simple..."

So, I'm sure glad we can probably deal with the first 3 of your enumeration easily:

Divine Law - that would be for the religious/faithful (like me) or the contemplative or metaphysics amateur (I suppose atheists will want to skip this one with a shrug)

Natural Law - as I see it, that one will be of special interest as an object of study for the physicists, doctors of medicine, chemists, etc

Common Law - would that be what we often refer to as "common sense" and basic morality (right vs. wrong, non-aggression principle, theft is wrong, etc)?

I am more uneasy with the last three: could it be that malicious interpretations of any combination of these eventually brought us what Bastiat called "legal plunder" and that I tried to summarize?

Back to my point: if there is still room for improvement towards more simplicity and less incentives to pervert the law, I suspect it's among these last three that we ought to pay more attention to - or be wary of - what the legislators may be up to...

Just IMO/intuition.


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