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I think they are phasing out the dollar...

I agree with everything you said but the final paragraph. These are the same architects of the last monetary schemes.
I think they are transitioning to a global currency. The dollar is systematically being killed, as Ron Paul has pointed out with End the Fed. They're not dumb, they're implementing harmful policies on purpose. They're robbing America. Ending the dollar has even been on the mainstream news a good bit. Talk about the 'Amero' and a North American Union. All we hear is talk about the 21st century being a Chinese century. They are buying up America. The dollar is worth less & less. I think this whole thing is about transitioning to World Government, and US sovereignty is the biggest obstacle in their way.

You think TPTB are unprepared and scared of the consequences of a dollar collapse and unrest in America? That's what the DHS & their 1.6 Billion rds. of hollow point ammo, b.e.a.r.c.a.t.s, & foreign troops are for.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?