Comment: Screw doctors, use a search engine.

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Screw doctors, use a search engine.

I really do hope one of those recommended by other commenters helps you. However, I have effectively treated several mysterious conditions simply by doing a web search using symptoms as key words. Without knowing specific symptoms or doing a search, my first guess would be anemia or low blood oxygen levels due to some other cause. I started suffering many of the same symptoms (except the hallucinations, though my disorientation could be interpreted that way) due to a sudden onset reaction to a blood pressure medication I have been using for years and they disappeared as soon as I switched medications.

Not only will you find possible causes for his symptoms, you can also find natural cures using web searches. You can buy most natural cures at Swanson Vitamins. Swanson not only sells the highest quality I have found, they also are the least expensive; most of the products I have purchased from them have been less than $10 for a supply that can typically last up to 90 days.

If your father's stools are unusually pungent, that can be a sign of a gut flora imbalance, which can result in a multitude of symptoms, including those you described.

If you start working on this as soon as you read my response, I am pretty certain your father will be improving within five business days, which includes the time to receive a shipment from Swanson.

Hope this helps.