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Not sure you read what I wrote completely but

Hey @emptyeternity. I assure you that this isn't spam. It also isn't my book. I wrote the review and posted it on the DailyPaul forums because I believe that its message is consistent with libertarian/austrian thinking.

Since it is not my book, and my only copy is a signed copy by the author that I'd rather not part with, I likely won't send you one to review. However, if I do end up with an extra copy, you'll be the first that I forward it to.

You can check out David's radio show website at the link I provided at the bottom of my review, and I'd be happy to scan a few pages in from my copy to send to you if you'd like. (If you'd like that, I can send you my FB or some other contact info so I don't have to post it on a public forum).

When I first met David a year ago, I was taken aback to see prominent libertarian economists on his office bookshelf, like Rothbard and Hayek and Hazlitt. This was particularly odd because when we met he was still working for a major bank in Arkansas, and specialized in mortgage lending. He also introduced me to a book that I've come to love (and upon which his book is largely based), called How Privatized Banking Really Works by Robert Murphy and L. Carlos Lara.

David Lukas has a radio show in Little Rock, AR where he regularly discusses the problems of fiat currency, the FED, and sound money. He also discusses how the banks transfer wealth through interest payments, how governments transfer wealth through taxes and inflation, and how individuals transfer wealth through lost opportunity costs and cash payments.

The reason I am promoting his book is because I believe in what he's saying. And the reason I am promoting it here is because I believe what he is saying has relevance in the libertarian/Austrian movement.

I am not an official promoter. I'm not hired PR for David. I'm a friend and supporter of his ideas. I'm also one of his clients, and have been since we first met and he talked to me about the business cycle and his belief in sound money and individaul liberty in investing. I'm a web developer out of NC with a love for economics, liberty and the RP movement.

I'd love to further discuss economics/finance/investing with an Austrian in the financial services industry. I'm always looking for like-minded people. I can send you my info.