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I think God is beyon our ability to reason, and religions can help us in many ways find reason, morals, community, security, freedom, peace, love, hope, faith is all religions, depending on the cultures.

The term Jew can be used in many ways, and it is.

My point is that I believe that this anti-Jew/Zionist/Israel tone is not an accident, or based on truth, but is being communicated on a number of fronts, because there are Jews who are like "Repuzels".. they make gold out of straw.. and they are coveted by the powerful, and hiden with slander and organizations like AIPAC, who claims to represent them, but they don't. They represent the MIC wishes.

The fact the Israel is thriving while the rest of the world wonders if WWIII is on the verge.. I'm saying.. look past the pressure to be anti-zionist/Israel/Jew.. for there are solutions within a state that thrives.. if you want solutions.. which I do. If all I want to do it complain, I can't think of a better place to dump than on Israel, after all, everyone else does.