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hey kidbquick

I guess you were too quick. Too quick to pick up a chick. Drinking and driving? Or just drinking when you "do the deed". And now headed off to wedded bliss? Mail order?

Good, your mom has your back. And dad? Did you have the "back" of the young lady? She was good enough for "the deed" & now she is a pos? What does that make you?

Running to church and does your church promote promiscuity? And now you are going to meet RP? Maybe some responsibly will rub off.

And your liar, I mean lawyer wants you to skip town and keep the lie going? Sounds about right for a lawyer. You will be safe in Korea where you can spread more semen around and raise a decent family.

The good news is that my daughters weren't involved. You would have more than your dna after you.

It is no wonder Americans are hated the world round.

Man up punk.