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Comment: I have the ultimate solution...

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I have the ultimate solution...

FIRST: Tell your fiance' but tell her from the perspective that you are highly suspicious that it's you're child (because you are). Say "Honey, you're not going to BELIEVE what happened...(tell the story)...then finish with "I think this chick is REALLY crazy and there's no way it's my kid but I need to put this thing to rest so I'm getting a DNA test." You need to act cool the ENTIRE time you're telling your fiance' so she doesn't get worried. She's only going to be worried if YOU SEEM WORRIED, so no matter how worried you are, play it cool. There's NO REASON to be worried right now anyway.

SECOND: Get the test done ASAP. If it's negative (which it probably will be given the fact you're the third guy getting the test) play cool, act like it was no big deal and shrug it off. Your finance' will respect it if you man up and are honest with her.

THIRD: LET ALL OF US at the DP know the results as SOON as the test comes back.

Best of luck Bro.