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Othordox Jews

Are like the Christians who are waiting for the Messiah (to return).

Orthodox Jews are not Zionists because they are not interested in any secular state. They are focused on the coming of the Messiah.

Christians who want Armeggedon are wanting a atste of Israel to have the return of Jesus.

Neither represent my interest in Israel..

Despite them both, Israel is thriving, and it's not our tax money.. our tax money buys investment opportunities for CEO of corproations who buy the patents and sit on them looking for a MIC lucrative contract.

It doesn't have to be like this.. all we ned to do is see what Israel is doing as a government.

Are the the global police? Are they bombing anyone in the name of anything but self defence?

Have you looked at therie mushaves and how they operate, why they succeed in business and security.

If you want to blame and complain, Israel is an easy target.. if you want solutions, Israel has them too. You just have to open your mind beyond the 80 YouTubes against Israel to the 1 that is not.