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You make the best point and give very good information

Even here at the Paul people tend to base their thoughts on anger. Sad to see, but anyone basing their theories and life choices on anger are just never going to get it. Disagreeing with a person (Buffet) in theory is different than being angry at them for how they do things.
I recently asked a friend if he was 'angry' at money. It was one of those stumbling moments of catching someone off guard. I didn't mean for it to be, but just so happens that I was right. He has not yet found true understanding of Liberty and equalization that it brings. Even though my friend is a Christian and trained republican, on occasion the anger brings the US child schooling interest of socialism. I fear this is our real problem. The social trained tendencies are to lean on lawmaking (someone else fight your battles) to cure those 'hated' super rich because they must have been doing wrong.
A bunch of other comments give information that has a spark of truth, but if those arguments are made out of anger then those people just can't get past the anger to make a real case for change. Much more work to be done in the world around us. Even here on the Freedom loving DP. Money is a tool and means of exchange. It only has a perceived value of whatever it is at the moment. Similar case for gold and the view of assets. The article was truly good information in describing the difference between an investment and an asset.