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Nothing to do with beliefs....

...belief implies shutting down your brain, which in turn means absolutely no critical thinking. Blindly taking things at their word without actually looking at what the words truly are saying. Re-Legion is simply a covert way to control that critical thinking part of your brain, to give you a false sense of hope and security that some vengeful, all-powerful Santa Claus on a cloud is going to come and smite all of the evil people in the world.

If people only asked more questions... for example, "God" coming to visit Abraham with a couple of his other "God" buddies (the "Sons of God aka Elohim, yes, there were more than one and the Bible clearly states it), and Abraham making them lunch.

Really people? Omnipotent creator of the Universe with a mind comprised of infinite having a lunch with the finite? C'mon. Those were our creators, the reason we look as we do, but no different than us being the Creators of the Liger (Lion/Tiger hybrid) or Geep (Goat/Sheep hybrid). If you want to actually learn something instead if blindly believing AS YOU ARE TOLD TO from the day you are born (wonder why that is?) then, start here:

Then move on to the "Terra Papers" and watch some of Robert Morningsky's seminars. If that doesn't put things into perspective for you, then hopefully you'll open up a bit more in your next lifetimes.