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Other Angle of Advice

I had a nice and reasonable post of advice to give you about this, but it looks like there are plenty of people who have already done this. So I am going to give you some from the angle that should not be ignored:

She's a nutcase.
Look, you were waylaid by someone with the accusation of being a father of a child that may not even exist and without any evidence - this just smacks completely of suspicion and BS.

There probably isn't a kid, and if there is it's not yours.

This woman is trying to get something from you, most likely money.

You don't know anything about her, get a background check on her she'll probably have all kinds of arrests and restraining orders. You're not the first guy she's pulling this on.

Don't bother telling your future wife anything at this point, doing so will just cause stress before an important point in your relationship - By this time you two should already know your past relationships enough that this isn't even an issue.

Whatever the case turns out to be, it'll be your choice from there (so don't sweat it) - either man up and paying child support or enjoying a life in Korea, but I'm going to wager this is a complete and utter con job in the work. Don't sweat it!!!