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I am not on the certificate

I was not contacted until now.The drunk woman saw me walking on Monday and told me. I had family court papers mailed to my moms house on Tuesday. I have to answer them. My lawyer is on it. He even had a PI nose around . The woman is unemployed and there are at least 2 other guys or 3 or 4. No one knows.she was at the bar last sunday and they wouldn't let her drive home she was so drunk. The fact that I have to go to court means I have to go to court and deny paternity. The court will then make me take the DNA test. my dilemma was I am getting married in 2 weeks, before the court date and test, should I tell my fiancee right before the wedding? I decided I will mention it to her ,but downplay it and assume its false. the whole thing sucks but I should tell her about the possibility. I am sure our relationship is strong enough to handle it. Pray for that kid either way