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I disagree...

I totally see where you're coming from, but there is no kid, and even if there was it does NOT violate any kind of "oath" he may or may not take. Sickness & health? 'Til death do us part? Where does it say "And if that test come back showing you are a father of a child that you didn't know exist then this breaks all agreements null and void"?
It doesn't.

As it is the accuser waylaid him on the street even though she knew where he works, his usual route, and other personal information (probably knows where he lives and all about the engagement/future wedding) - She could have just called him and arranged a polite meeting to let him know of the situation. BUT NO!
Because there's NO RECORD of meeting with her this way, SUSPICIOUS!

Sure, it would be a blow to the wife to have to tell her he JUST found out he has a kid he didn't know about - the date of the test would prove he didn't know until just recently. Sure, she'll ask why he didn't tell her sooner, but he's got the TRUTH on his side - totally looked like some kind of crazy person conning him and it wasn't worth upsetting her over until it was proven.
If she loves him enough to spend the rest of her life with him in holy matrimony then what transpired + child support is NOT going to amount to a hill of beans!

If that is some kind of breaking point for a life-long relationship then better to kick her to the curb sooner than later and find a real woman who loves you 'til death do us part.