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Where to start?

How about here:

"Current Leader Adolfo Nicolás"

Anyone who claims that there is NOT 1 person and one group having power, control, dominance, and authority over all other people, and all other groups, anyone claiming that such a single power does not exist, they may want to check their wallets.

World Reserve Currency does not fall from God to Earth, or grow on trees.

England was once the base of World Reserve Currency POWER, and it was then powered by Drug Trade/Slave Trade/Money Fraud "Inflation"/and Legal Extortion or "Taxes," then there was World War I and II, and then there was The Dollar Hegemony backed by Drug Trade/(Sex including child sex) Slave Trade/Legal Monopoly Money Fraud "Inflation"/Legal Extortion "Taxes"/ and OIL/Natural Gas/Fuel POWER.

Hitler was a stooge, an employee, hired by the Dollar Hegemony, and so was Stalin. They stopped obeying orders, and they went for the oil Power, to gain POWER.

What is the meaning of The Society of Jesus, or Jesuit?

What does S.J. mean?

Who benefits when a power such as Germany is consumed in a battle against a power such as Russia?

Please consider these three links:


That is the documented financing or control of Hitler's Nazi Germany from Wall Street or from The World Reserve Currency POWER before England and The Bank of London stepped down as the World Reserve Currency POWER.

If you have no idea as to the connection of OIL in this Theater of Human Destructiveness, then know, please know, that Germany had no oil, but they had coal, and Standard Oil of New Jersey (Wall Street based Corporation) sold Germany the "rights" to produce oil, with The Formula Patented, from coal. Germany had no military without that formula. The entire German Air force ran on synthetic oil during World War II.


That is the same hand, the same source of power, used to destabilize,finance, control, build up, militarize, Russia. Russia, before that process of destabilization/control was done was a peaceful, competitively the most peaceful, country, place on earth. There is a rich history of Russian peaceful character to be known, if anyone cares to know.


That is the making of America into a Legal Crime Cabal, and you can call it socialism, you can call it communism, you can call it anything you want, but why not call it crime made legal?

Who is pulling the strings this time? What do they want when all the bombs currently made are used in this next World War, all the destruction is over, and they, those profiteers of war, pick up the pieces?

What does the most powerful group want when they have their little World War III done and over with, and they get what they want?

World Reserve Currency Power.

The Power to enforce ONE fraud money, ONE extortion money, to be used by everyone or else.

The Power to write a check on a whim whereby the single check written by the single producer of that one money now has the power to purchase equal to the entire sum of power commanded by everyone else using that same money combined.

If that last paragraph goes over your head, then you measure how well the fraud works, even after you demand payment for your contributions to wealth in Federal Reserve Fraud Notes (check your wallet).

U.S.A. is a Corporation that has been raided. The wealth taken out of the Corporation has been spent on building up all sides in a coming World War, and once the last bomb is dropped, once the last scream marks the death of the last casualty (mostly innocent "non-combatants" or "collateral damage") a new World Reserve Currency Power will emerge from the ashes, and by all evidence I can find, the new "World Leader" will be based in Asia.

Just as all defensive focus was once aimed efficiently at the last World Reserve Currency Power being a Cabal of Criminals operating from The Bank of England, where World War II managed to shift the focus of defensive power from the most powerful band of criminals on Earth, so will this current pogrom work.

Out will be the cries of just how bad those guys are in Wall Street, or The World Bank, or the International Monetary FUND, all denominated in dollars (as far as the victims care to know), out with the old boss, and in will be the new boss, just like The Bank of England supposedly stepped down to make room for The Dollar Hegemony, after World War II, so will be the changing of the guard after World War III.

They, the most powerful criminals on the planet, convince their victims that they, those criminals, are the source of CREDIT.

They are the source of DEBT.

They convince their victims that they are the source of CREDIT.

They are the source of DEBT.

The fraud made legal is meticulously documented in fact.

You work, you produce, you end the day with more, not less, and you demand payment for your production, and you demand Federal Reserve Fraud Notes.

You can call me any name you can think of, while you jerk your knees.

Be my guest.

What is the significance of Motu Proprio?

Please consider the possibility of those worst human beings currently infecting human life on Earth having their own house cleaning.

If Jesuit trained "leaders" are drawing lines in the sand, then those in power will listen, or be damned?