Comment: Could you please tell me the name of the

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Could you please tell me the name of the

ruling pope when Jesus was born?
I'm sorry that in all my years of research I've missed that one.
Until you informed me, I had absolutely no idea that Jesus was born a catholic, and that the catholic church was already well established at the time of his birth.
People who aren't indoctrinated in Catholicism learn a different history. A history that tells them that no-one has any idea of the exact date of Christ's birth, and that established religion didn't get off the ground until 3 or 4 hundred years after his death.
For the record, I don't hate anyone, just their actions, and the Catholic church at it's highest level has not got a good track record when it comes to interfering in politics.
As such, non Catholics have learned to spot indoctrinated, mindless parroting quickly.