Comment: I'm Jewish.

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I'm Jewish.

Ron Paul is such an anti-Semite for speaking to this Fatima Group... NOT!

It wasn't Dr. Paul who said Jews should not be allowed to be US citizens, was it? No. Just because someone from the Fatima Group said something anti-Jewish, doesn't mean Ron Paul is because he will speak to the group.

I'm a huge Ron Paul supporter, because of his ideals. I really don't know what Dr. Paul personally thinks/feels about Jews or other religions or races, and I honestly don't care, so long as he sticks to his ideals of individual liberty, and the Constitution.

Maybe what that Fatima Group person meant was he didn't like to see dual-citizens, as members of congress, or other public office? If he simply meant Jewish people should not be allowed to be US citizens, then that is totally out of line, unconstitutional, and out-of-synch with individual liberty and equality under the law. That said, those were not Dr. Paul's words, so again, it is pretty much irrelevant.

As a Messianic Jew (Catholic on mother's side) with the same political ideology that Ron Paul consistently stands for, I'd be happy to speak to the Fatima group, about my political and religious beliefs. And no one can claim that I am 'anti-Semitic'.

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