Comment: Israel is attacking Syria? Really? Where'd you get that?

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Israel is attacking Syria? Really? Where'd you get that?

The US may attack Syria, but Israel has no such plans. The Israeli people, like the American people, overwhelmingly do not want to get involved. Israel has made no claim of wanting to strike Syria...

However, Israel HAS ALREADY sent missiles into Syria, on two separate occasions. An what happened? NOTHING! No one cared! Because Israel said, when the Syrian war popped off, that if they received any fire, they would strike where they detected the incoming rocket/missile came from. That happened twice, and it never escalated beyond that. That as a while ago.

Now Obama, who has never been friendly to Israel, wants to attack Syria, which very likely WILL result in Syria retaliating against Israel for real this time. Because they cannot touch the USA. Nobody in Israel except maybe the Globalist traitors wants to get involved with Syria. 79% of the Likud Party doesn't want Israel to get involved. There has not yet been any official, public plans for Israel to bomb Syria, so why are you claiming this?

And BTW, the US runs joint military exercises with China & Russia as well. CIA and MIC corporations are training the al-CIAda rebels in Lebanon, to fight in Syria. Lebanon hates Israel. There is more to this story than just poo-pooing Israel and claiming it's all Israel's doing.

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