Comment: Catholic faith & Protestant faith fundamentally different

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Catholic faith & Protestant faith fundamentally different

Prayer is of course very important to any Christians, and I think any prayer offered with humility and good faith will bear fruit.

But to all those trashing the Catholic faith, there is no need. You have a fundamentally different understanding of "the Church" than Catholics and as a result there will be no agreement.

As a Catholic, I assure you the Catholic position is consistent, legitimate and Christocentric. But you must understand, Catholicism isn't a Bible based church, we existed for 100's of years before it was compiled. And the men who were guided by the Spirit to determine which of 100s of letters were divinely inspired were Bishops in our Church.

So to Catholics the Bible is supremely important, but it is not the source. Christ, most clearly in the Eucharist, is the source of our faith. And he didn't promise a book but a Church, which was founded by His word on Peter, who was our 1st Pope. Thus the Church's teaching authority, the magestarium (which is not the same as every action/word/letter of random human priests, bishops, or pope's thru history) is equally important.

The magestarium established the teachings of the Trinity, Jesus' divinity, and the distinction of Jesus as fully God & fully man. These things are widely accepted by Christians yet very difficult or impossible to establish just from the Bible.

That same teaching authority (and really the Bible as well, just not Protestant Bibles b/c Luther pulled out several Old Testament books that were included as inspired by the exact Bishops who determined the New Testament canon) has instructed that intercessory prayer is acceptable and beneficial.

I've never heard a Catholic discourage reading the Bible or discourage praying to Jesus. Both are wonderful and surely God is pleased with these prayers from Catholics, Protestants, or whomever. H
owever, for the Catholic perspective there are additional very powerful prayers. Prayers that were sent from Heaven to visionaries over the last centuries that the magestarium has told us were true visions and beneficial to follow. I know that from other churches this seems far out or satanic, but if nothing else realize that many Catholics don't walk blindly. They use the gifts God granted them to inspect issues of faith with intellect and prayer; as individuals and as a community. They look at scripture, history, and they reflect meditatively to receive God's guidance. When people commit so fully and remain in the Church & heed her teachings, it seems other Christians could at least offer a civil discourse and not take cheap pot shots at scarecrows that don't reflect the actual thing they pretend to criticize.